The 4th International Conference on New Energy and Future Energy Systems
Presentation Guidelines
1. Abstract Submission

For those who are only interested in attendance and delivering an oral or poster presentation without publications, please submit your abstract(s) following guidelines as below:

 Abstract should be strictly within one A4 page in length apart from the cover letter page and containing at least 200 words;

 A cover letter page is required to include a short biography of the presenter: 1) Full Name; 2) Title information (eg. Prof./Dr./M.S./ Teacher/Student); 3) Affiliation information (Department + University/Institution + Country); 4) Research interests;

 Abstract should be submitted in .doc format according to the Abstract Template;

 Kindly mark "For Oral/Poster Presentation" when submitting the abstract via the Online Submission System;

 The abstract proceedings are just for academic exchange during the conference time, and will not get published openly. Full and improved paper based on the abstract could be submitted elsewhere for further publication.

2. For Oral Presentation

a. Time Allocation
Presentation TypeTotal Allotted Time
Keynote Presentation40 min
Invited Presentation20 min
Regular Presentation15 min

b. Notices:
• All presentations include 5 minutes for question and discussion. Presenters are requested to start and done their presentation on time.

• Speakers are recommended to bring their presentation data in the form of PPT or PDF by a USB memory stick and send one copy to the e-mail box as a backup.

• Laptop, video projector, and laser pointer with remote control will be provided by the organizing committee.

• PPTs from the speakers need to be submitted to the organizing committee nearly one month in advance for the final confirmation.

• oral presentation certificate would be issued by the session chair after the presentation is delivered.

• A paper ID indicated in the last page or each page of the PPT is recommended.

3. Speaker Standards

Speakers Attire: Speakers are strongly encouraged to dress in business formals during presentations. Speakers should be well knowledgeable and expert in the area of presentation to meet the audience.
Presentation Skills: The language is English. Speakers should rehearse well in advance for the successful presentation with time management.
No commercial Advertisement: No commercial advertisements are allowed during the session.

4. For Poster Presentation

• After receiving the acceptance of your abstract, please design your poster according to Poster Template.

• Please print the poster by yourself and bring it to the conference.
The 4th International Conference on New Energy and Future Energy Systems
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